Will The US Economy Crash?

Hey money fans, how are your investments holding up? With many countries on the verge of financial ruins, will the US economy be next to fall?

President Trump is now in office, unemployment is not as high as it was with Obama, oil prices are still low. The stock market has been at record highs and many investors have just now begun profit taking during the second quarter of this year.

The United States of America is a great country and most nations of the world look up to us. People all over the world buy the latest iPhones, watch our Hollywood blockbuster movies, follow our sports hero’s and wish they had our bountiful natural resources o’ plenty.

Oh, and by the way, we also have the strongest military on the planet.

That said, will the US economy have a crash like Greece and others?

  • Not if we continue to elect leaders that are willing to work for the people they represent.
  • Not if each one of us balances our own pocket books by investing more of our paychecks on assets and spend less on disposable goods. Start now by getting your Annual Free Credit Report and see where your finances currently stand.
  • Not if we become more self-reliant on ourselves and less dependent on other countries for goods and services.
  • Pay yourself first. Put at least 10% of each check in a savings account, a mutual fund, gold or silver bullion, or even under your pillow. Never spends this money on anything other than other assets. Those who spend their savings at the Dollar Store will always be broke.

Will The US Economy Crash?

What are your thoughts? Is the US Economy just going through dips and valleys like it always has been? Or are things about to crash around us? Use any of the social share buttons below to discuss.

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