National Credit Report

Credit Monitoring is the quickest and easiest way to proactively monitor your national credit report for any bnew activity. For any account changes or credit fraud. And also to aid in preventing identity theft. If and when changes or inquiries are made into your credit file you will be sent text and email alerts within 24 hours.

Each month in which there are no credit monitoring alerts or inquiries made to your file, you will be sent a “Green Light” message. This tells you that no inquiries to your credit have been made during the past 30 days. You then know your credit monitoring service is working hard to help protect your credit file.

Credit Monitoring Services are the first line of defense in preventing identity theft. They can protect against serious credit inaccuracies in your credit report and any potential credit fraud.

Why do I Need Credit Monitoring Services?

Credit Monitoring alerts, when delivered within 24 hours of any change. Will be the first indication of any fraudulent activity on your credit report file. Preventing this activity will help maintain a good credit score above 700. And prevent fraudulent transactions that could bring that score down. Credit monitoring is the quickest and easiest way to proactively monitor your national credit report. Which aids in preventing identity theft. Credit Monitoring does not affect your credit or credit score.

National Credit Report

To help protect yourself from credit fraud and identity theft.  Do what many consumers like you are doing right now. Finding out what’s in their national credit report file. Know your credit score number and start using a credit monitoring service today.

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