How To Fix Credit

Learning how to fix credit is really not that difficult. The goal here is to clean up any inaccurate information in your credit report file. And then improve your credit score number to above 750. Start today by getting your free credit report. Because you need to know just what is in your credit report file before you do anything else.

We recommend that you order your credit score at the same time as well. Make sure that the information from each credit reporting agency match up. Important things to look for are wrong social security numbers, wrong addresses (current and past). Any unauthorized account inquiries, past employers, and late payments.

Fix Credit Report Errors And Stay On The Right Path

If you find errors in your credit report, send dispute letters to the three major credit bureaus. The credit bureaus have 30 days by law to investigate and make any corrections. Always make your payments on time. Keep your debt balances below 50% of your credit limit on revolving accounts. A 30% or less debt balance will quickly raise your credit score.

Review Credit Report Every Four Months

If you still have errors in your credit report file four months from now. Negotiate to have them corrected or ask them to add a personal statement from you explaining your side of the story. Keep in mind that the advantage of ordering your credit reports from all three credit bureaus today is that you will be able to compare them. But then you would not be eligible for another free credit report for another 12 months.

The advantage of ordering just one now and others later, one credit report every four months for example. Is that you can keep track of any changes or new information that may appear in your credit report file. So if you request yours from only one company today you can still request from the other two companies at a later date. That way you will have access to your updated credit report every four months throughout the year.

Credit Monitoring Is Important

Monitor your credit file with one of the many credit monitoring services available. A credit monitoring service will quickly alert you of any changes to your credit file and will help guard against credit fraud.

How To Fix Credit

Once you feel you’re on the right path on how to fix credit.  You will need to keep your credit report file clean and your credit score high. That way you can get those great lower interest rates offered by lenders.

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