Discover Card Free Credit Score

Great news, Discover Card has teamed up with FICO and the TransUnion credit bureau to add your free credit score to your statement each and every month. You may also, login to your Discover Card account to see your free credit score anytime. The Discover Card free credit score offer is a game changer.

We believe that Discover Card is the first major credit card to actually post customers credit scores for free on their monthly statements. The free FICO credit score posted on your Discover Card statements are considered a soft inquiry. They will not impact your credit rating.

Lenders use credit scores to find out just how likely you are to make your payments. Credit scores can determine your interest rate. Things like auto insurance, truck loans, home mortgages and credit cards.

Your credit score is calculated using information like your payment history. The amount of open credit you have available. The current amount you owe. The length of credit history, new credit lines opened, and also the types of credit you have. A score of 580 or less means you could be a risky borrower. With a score between 580-669, some lenders may provide you credit. 670-739 is the average U.S credit score and is consider good. 740-799 tells a borrower that you are a very dependable borrower. Finally, a credit score of 800+ is an indication that you are an exceptional borrower.

Discover Card Free Credit Score

Being able to see your credit score monthly will keep you on your toes for just how your credit rating is doing. As an added bonus, you will quickly discover any possible credit fraud.

Don’t forget to check out the Annual Free Credit Report home page to learn more.

If you are thinking about opening up a credit card account. You may wish to consider the Discover Card Free Credit Score offer.

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