Credit Card Skimmers Hidden In Gas Pumps

As if we didn’t have enough in the world to be worried about, now be have to be concerned every time we go and get gas. To the naked eye they are undetectable, but now credit card skimmers hidden in gas pumps may be collecting and storing your credit card and PIN numbers. The bad guys then return at a later time to get the stolen information or gather it real time via Bluetooth from inside a nearby car.

Apparently the thieves open the gas pump and piggy-back the scanner onto the pump’s regular card reader. There is nothing on the outside of the pump to give this scheme away.

The easiest and fastest way to combat this problem is for gas station owners to place security tape over keyholes and places where the gas pump can be opened up. Any sign of a torn tape or a tape that shows signs of tampering should tell the consumer to either pay with cash or to go someplace else.

Credit Card Skimmers Hidden In Gas Pumps

Credit Card Skimmers Hidden In Gas Pumps

For further protection, you should never use a debit card at a gas pump. Debit cards take the money directly out of your checking account. Always use a credit card with a very low limit. Most credit cards have fraud protection while debit cards do not.

Also, get in the habit of checking your statements looking for anything suspicious. If you find any fraudulent charges call your bank and the police.

Credit Card Skimmers Hidden In Gas Pumps To Do List:

  • You can’t know for sure if a gas pump has a credit card skimmer or not.
  • Get used to paying inside at the gas station rather than at the pump. You need to buy tonight’s Lotto ticket anyways.
  • Never pay with your debit card.  It’s easier to dispute the charges with your credit card.
  • Only use cards with a chip reader.
  • Check your bank statements regularly. If you notice fraudulent activity notify your bank.
  • If your a victim of fraud, file a timely police report.

Be sure to get a copy of your credit report as well.

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