Consumer Credit Counseling Services

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling is a network of over 850 accredited nonprofit consumer credit counseling services. They offer free and low-cost financial advise, budgeting and debt management services. Because their mission is to educate you in the use of credit. Helping you put together spending plans and help structure payoff plans with your creditors.

Most Consumer Credit Counseling Services are local and have evening and weekend hours. They can usually help you in person, on the phone and through the NFCC website.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services act as an objective party in order to help you work through your financial issues. They will analyze your sources of income and expenses. Detail what you owe and give you an organized picture of your current financial situation. Furthermore, they then provide options that match your resources, lifestyle and goals.

With a consumer credit counseling service you will get free and low cost help from a trained counselor. Who will help you in find the best options to meet your needs.

Consumer Credit Counselors will:

  • Advise you on managing your money using an envelope budgeting system
  • Offer solutions to your current financial ills with ways to increase your cashflow and reducing debt
  • Help you develop a personalized plan to prevent future financial problems

You will be given more than one possible solution from your Consumer Credit Counseling Service.  Some of which you may not even like very well. Your credit counselor will offer a balanced perspective of what you need to do. And how long it may take to clear up your finances. They will propose a payment schedule for you to repay your debts. By voluntary agreement, you deposit funds with your credit counseling agency each month. They then send those funds directly to your creditors. If any of your collectors call you, ask them to contact your NFCC counselor directly.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services

Therefore, seeking help from accredited consumer credit counseling services may improve your credit report file information and raise your credit score.

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