Annual Credit Report

annual credit report

Welcome to the Annual Credit Report blog. Your financial future is dependent on two very important factors. Your Credit Score and your Credit Report. Here is the breakdown.

Credit Scores can effect your financial health in huge ways. Your credit score is a number that ranges from 300 to 850. The higher the number the more likely you will have easy access to credit and employment opportunities. In other words, the less risky you appear to a potential lender or employer.

Did you know that a 30% or less debt balance will quickly raise your credit score?

Your credit score is determined by the information that is in your credit report file. Credit reports list the particulars on all your credit accounts. Details about real estate, installment, revolving credit and collection accounts. It includes the date the account was opened, terms, high balance, and a seven year payment history.

Our blog’s goal is to give you all the tools and tips you need for getting your free annual credit report and credit score. We recommend that you first take a look at your annual credit report to see where you currently stand financially. Then return to this site to check out all our other blog posts. Important areas of focus on this site are to help you get out of debt, save more money, offer ideas for adding additional sources of income, and financial investment strategies.

Did you know that your auto insurance rates may be higher or lower based on your credit history?

Many of our articles show you how to clean up your credit report file, improve your credit score, offer identity theft protection tips, reviews on credit monitoring services, and the latest on the state of the US economy as it relates to your personal wealth.

As you move up the financial ladder, you will begin to feel better, sleep better and walk with a swagger you haven’t seen in a while. Take action and get your annual credit report right now.

Annual Credit Report

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